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Bristol's "fucking spectacular" art-rockers Poisonous Birds will return with a new EP entitled Big Water. The duo deliver more of the gritty, sculptural electronics that featured on 2017's Gentle Earth whilst stepping even further away from their rock roots with more abstract, delicate and textural compositions.

The record touches on art-rock, post-rock noise and industrial, but features almost no electric guitars at all, instead favouring rich, analogue synth timbres to build a uniquely gritty, tense and modern sonic environment.

Frontman & multi-instrumentalist Tom Ridley delivers his reduced, poetic lyrics with delicacy and poignant control, ensuring every word lands just as intended.

The other half of the duo, co-writer & drummer Finn Mclean delivers a restrained performance on the title track, until he accompanies a particularly aggressive synth part with a tight, frantic bombardment of off-kilter rhythm that could easily slip into tracks by Death Grips, or even Dillinger Escape Plan. On LITTLE PUZZLE however, Finn trades the drum kit for a sampler, using sounds cut from the recording of last year's Gentle Earth EP to assemble a crunchy, downtempo beat that gives the song a lazy, dragging hip-hop feel.

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